Young Player's Code of Conduct

The Rugby Football League asked children what they wanted to see from others in the game.

This is what they said:


• Keep training and games fun

Winning is not the main aim for young people playing the game; having fun is.

• Everyone makes mistakes.

There should be no undue criticism of any player who makes a mistake - encouragement reaps more benefits.

• Coaches should not lose their temper.

Lead by example, be consistent , support your players.

• All adults should be role models

Do not swear, abuse officials, show unsporting behavior, encourage foul play, enter the field of play or drink or smoke when around children and young people.

• Report any incidents of bad behavior.

Do your part to maintain a welcoming environment.

Above: Wimborne v Oxford HYRL 2014


Children also agreed that young players should:

• Try their best at all times in training and games

• Go to training if possible & let your coach know if you can’t

• Keep the changing rooms clean

• Dress smart, i.e club polo shirts etc

• Bring the right equipment and clean your boots after games

• Shake hands with the opposition after the game. Even if you’ve lost and are upset

• Respect other players - No retaliation, don’t abuse them, check they’re ok if injured, look after each other

• Respect the Match Officials - Respect all decisions, no arguing back

• Don’t swear or use abusive language

• Play fair - Don’t fight or be a dirty player, try and keep your temper under control.

Remember, you're there to have fun and so are the other players. Do your bit to help make the game a great experience for all.

Above: Southampton v Oxford HYRL 2014

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