U12's Festival Game Rules

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A guide to the rules for this weekend

Coaches are reminded that HYRL is a development league where the emphasis is placed on maximising participation, fun and player development.

Ensuring your players enjoy playing is the most important outcome.

With these points in mind the following rules have been agreed with the RFL's Southern Referees Society with the intention of maximising ball-in-hand time and reducing the risk of blow-out scores.

All Players Must Have Submitted a Completed RFL Registration Form BEFORE Playing.


1. Games will be of 20 minutes with a two minute half time.

2. Teams will be 10, 9 or 8 a-side but must match the opposition’s number.

3. Maximum match-day squad size is 15 (recommended 12-13) to maximise game time for each player.

4. Coaches with more than 12 players available on match-day should consult the other team's coaches to ask if they need extra players. This serves two purposes; balancing games and ensuring all players get maximum game time.

5. The pitch will be 80 meters long from 10m to 10m line (pitch can be made narrower with cones to suit the number of players).

6. No kicking until the last tackle, a kick to touch will be restarted with a tap 20 meters in.

7. If a player is trapped in the in-goal area the team must take a goal-line drop-out which must travel 10 meters forward.

8. No Scrums! - Let's keep the game moving.

9. All knock-on's, kicks to touch etc will start with a tap restart either from where the offence occurred or 10 meters in from touch.

10. All Penalties will be awarded a tap restart (no kicking for touch).

11. All tries are worth 1 point.

12. No goal kicks! - No time wasting.

13. Teams will be allowed 1 or 2 markers at the play the ball, however markers cannot move until a) the hooker runs or b) a pass is made.

14. The game will be started with a kick off which must go 10 meters. However if the ball bounces and goes into touch the kicking team will start with a tap from where the ball went out.

15. The game will be restarted with a 20 meter tap after all tries.

Where next?

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