Wimborne Inclusion Forces Fixture Change

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Festival Format Adapted For July

Note to all players, Parents, Coaches and Volunteers:

Due to the inclusion of Wimborne RL's Dorset Dragons in the July Fixture Festival the format of the competition has been adapted accordingly.

From the outset it was intended that HYRL would have divisions of 4 teams, but so far Coxford Tigers have struggled to recruit enough players at the u12 age group and so their players have joined with Winchester RL's Wessex Bears team to maintain their development. This has meant that the festivals have consisted of three teams, each playing two 30 minute games. Under this system one team has always had to play back-to-back 30 minute games, which was unfair but unavoidable.

From the July festival onwards there will be four teams, Wessex Bears, Oxford, Spitfires and Dorset Dragons.

We can therefore revert to the original format of 4 teams playing three 20 minute games. There will still be some element of playing back-to-back games but matches will be shorter and fixtures will be shuffled ahead of each festival to ensure it isn't always the same teams playing the back-to-back fixtures (shown in bold below).

July Fixture Format:

GAME 1 (1100): Spitfires v Bears

GAME 2 (11:25): Dragons v Oxford

GAME 3 (11:50): Spitfires v Oxford

GAME 4 (12:15): Dragons v Bears

GAME 5 (12:40): Spitfires v Dragons

GAME 6 (13:05): Bears v Oxford

*10 mins each way, half time 2 mins, 3 minutes turn around between games.

This improvement means that all players will still get the chance to play 60 minutes of rugby league in total but without having to do it all in what was effectively one long run-out. It also means that the chances of blow-out score lines are further reduced.

Coxford Tigers players will again be joining forces with one of the above teams (TBC).

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